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Posco remains faithful to the existing prices for stainless steel

4 May 2012
Posco remains faithful to the existing prices for stainless steel


Of metallurgical concern Pohang





(South Korea, Pohang) decided

Leave stainless steel prices for

May contracts at the same level.

Thus, despite the fluctuating

Nickel quotes and constantly changing

(Depending on the season) consumer

Demand, forcing other participants

Market to flexibly adjust its own

Price-lists, marketing department of Posco

Leaves the selling price of stainless steel

Without any changes for more than 7 months. but

This behavior does not

"General inertia" of pricing policy

Corporation: so for deliveries in the current

Month Pohang





"Redecorated" its own proposal

On a product line from unalloyed

Metals (in particular - cold-rolled

Steel roll). The company raised

Price of metal of this series for external

Buyers for 20-30 dollars per ton.

Previously reported,

That from the current year management of Posco is not

Expecting dull prospects: in the opinion of

Company representatives, stainless

The sector was supposed to "get dope"

Already beginning with II

Quarter. However, the analysis of indicators

The first three months of the year, several

Has diminished the optimism of South Korean

Metallurgy: operating profit

The company for this period fell by 54%. Topics

Not less, a positive vision of the situation

For Pohang





Everything also remains relevant (only

Slightly shifted in time

Day of the onset of the "turning point").

Now, according to POSCO analysts,

Sounded financial director of the company

Park Ki Hong, revenue growth in stainless

Sector should wait in the second half

of the year.

3 May 2012
7 May 2012