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For the Norilsk Nickel, the first quarter of the year was unsuccessful

3 May 2012
For the Norilsk Nickel, the first quarter of the year was unsuccessful


Nickel published data on the size

Obtained in I

Quarter of the current year. According to

Campaign reports, compared to the past

This indicator fell practically

On 1/3: if in 2011 the volume of profit

Norilsk Nickel for RAS (Russian Standards

Accounting) for the period from January

By the beginning of April amounted to about 1.165

Billions of USD,

Then in the same period of 2012 this

The indicator fell to $ 0.785 billion.

It is noteworthy that during the described period

Total revenue of MMC decreased by less

Proportions - only 20.2% (from 2.78 to 2.218

Billions of US dollars).

By volume

Production of colored and precious

Metals at own facilities

Norilsk Nickel for the first quarter

Year showed different results. So

(Based on the results of consolidated financial statements

For Kola MMC, Polar Division

And international units) volumes

Production of platinum fell to 166 thousand.

Troy ounces (which is 2% less in

Compared with I

Quarter of last year). In the same

An insignificant ratio decreased

Volumes of palladium production (by 5%) and copper

(By 6% - from 94 to 88 thousand tons). But on

To the volume of nickel production

Showed some growth: in

Compared with 71 thousand tons of metal in

2011 for the described period of 2012 on

Capacity of MMC was produced 76 thousand.

Tons of commercial nickel (which is 7% more).

In addition to information

On the results of the company's work in the 1st quarter

This year, the Norilsk press center

Nickel published data on the size

Deductions to the federal budget and

The budget of the Krasnoyarsk Territory in 2011.

So in the local treasury in the reporting period

GMK transferred 43.5 billion rubles, and

The federal budget - about 30 billion.

23 September 2011
4 May 2012