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Stainless steel mirror pipe

10 August 2011
Stainless steel mirror pipe


Mirror or polished stainless


Surface of the highest quality. She is

Used in plumbing systems

And for decorating architectural

Details. Has the following advantages.

  1. Very smooth polished surface is practically not contaminated.
  2. When purchasing easily visible surface defects of metal
  3. On a polished (electropolished) surface, the ratio of chromium to iron is higher, which increases corrosion resistance.
  4. The absence of iron impurities in the so-called. Inert layer. Polishing of the outer surface of pipes is carried out both on multi-station belt polishing machines and on installations for electropolishing.

Internal polishing

Surfaces are produced in plants

For electropolishing.



Mirror tube

From within

And from the outside by electrochemical technology,

Known as the "chemical process"

Processing "or as" the process of a variable

Pay », which is much more effective

Any mechanical surface treatment.

Electropolishing smooths irregularities,

Gives the mirror shine of steel. When

The right combination of the electrolyte temperature

And current strength, surface irregularities

(These are places with high density

Electrocurrent) are selectively removed.

9 August 2011
12 August 2011