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Asian steelmakers have continued to raise prices for stainless steel

9 August 2011
Asian steelmakers have continued to raise prices for stainless steel

«Nippon Steel and Sumikin Stainless Steel Co» (Japan) has announced the addition of another adjustment in the price of stainless steel rolling of its own production. Management metallurgical company has called such measures a logical consequence of the rise in price of raw material for producing rust-resistant varieties of metal based on Nickel. According to the data published in the «Metal Bulletin», the metals company will raise the price of «stainless steel» 304-series at $100 per tonne for deliveries in September. Thus, the cost of a ton of metal of this brand new price list «NSSC» is 3600 USD. As with past price changes (they were reduced for the July supply), the cost of cold-rolled stainless steel grade 430 remained unchanged ($2250-$2300 per tonne).In a similar way reacted to the fluctuation of quotations of raw materials and management of the South Korean company «Hyundai Steel». Stainless steel metal cold rolling of their production will rise in price already for the August deliveries. We will remind that last weeks the rise in prices of stainless products has announced and other steel companies from countries in the Asian region. Among them, the «Corporation Yieh United Steel Corp» (Taiwan), metallurgical company «Baosteel Group Corporation», «Taiyuan Iron & Steel Group» and «Shanxi Taigang Stainless Steel Co., Ltd» (China).

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