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The volume of Nickel production in Russia reduced

12 August 2011
The volume of Nickel production in Russia reduced

Analytical Department of the Federal service of state statistics of Russia has published data regarding current production volumes of Nickel in the country. According to these documents, the number of pending Ni produced by metallurgical companies of the Russian Federation in the first half, almost 2.5% of the «lagging behind» compared to the same period in 2010. In addition, the statistics show even more dynamic decrease in the level of Nickel production in the last month of the 1st half of the year relative to the results of may. As of June 2011 this metal was released by 9.9% less than in the previous month. About the same difference (of 10.7%) is observed when comparing the volume of Nickel production in June 2011 and June 2010. Apparently, these circumstances caused a decline of interest in Russian Nickel among foreign consumers: in the period from January to may this year, the level of exports of Nickel by Russian steelmakers decreased by the same 10%.Recall that, based on the results of the Russian metallurgists in the first three months of this year, analysts predicted for the Nickel industry a brighter Outlook: in January — March 2011 the level of Russian exports of Nickel amounted to more than 53 thousand tons, 4% more than the volume of foreign sales in the first quarter of 2010.

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