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Fences from pipes for balconies stairs, and roofs.

24 August 2011
Fences from pipes for balconies stairs, and roofs.

The fences of the pipes consist of:

• Handrail;

• racks;

• vertical guarding element;

• An inclined or horizontal enclosing element;

• an inclined or horizontal intermediate guard

• the screen;

There are fences of pipes for:

• internal and external staircases, as well as for staircases of preschool institutions;

• for internal and external flights of stairs, as well as marches of stairs of pre-school institutions;

• for balconies of houses up to 9 floors and high-rise buildings, for unheated stairs, as well as for balconies of pre-school institutions;

• for roofs with a parapet and without a parapet.

Fences from pipes for stairs, balconies and roofs can be:

• Latticed (P);

• screen - with a hinge on the frame of screens from sheets or plates (E);

• combined - with lattice and screen sections (K).

The parameters of the fencing of the pipes and between the fence elements are standardized in GOST 25772-83

Requirements for fencing from flat roof pipes correspond to those for balcony fencing.

Frameworks of fences are welded according to the standards of SNiP III-18 "Metal structures".

22 August 2011
25 August 2011