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Latest Japanese technology for continuous casting of titanium

5 August 2011
Latest Japanese technology for continuous casting of titanium

Corporation «Nippon Steel» (steel company of Japan, also known as «Shinnittetsu») announced the development of new technology of direct casting of titanium used for the manufacture of sheets of this metal. Sponsors of the project were experts of another Japanese company, «Toho Titanium Co., Ltd.».Through the use of for melting of titanium electron beam guns managed to avoid damage, excluding the possibility to carry out hot rolling of billets. New technology Titan is melted and immediately cast slab. This joint engineering development allows to exclude from the process some costly intermediate step: now titanium products comes directly from charge materials. Because of this, the time of receipt of the final titanium product declined by almost 20%."Nippon Steel" is one of the largest operators in the world market of metals, in particular for smelting steel company enters into a three of leaders on volume of output. The company’s head office is based in Tokyo, (Japan).Partner of «Shinnittetsu» development of technology for continuous casting of titanium, «Toho Titanium Co., Ltd.», specializiruetsya in the production of titanium ingots of high purity, as well as on the supply of raw materials for production of titanium-based alloys and other products. The company has several subsidiary industries, which, in addition to the above, produce products of the chemical direction: high-purity titanium oxide and ultra-fine Nickel powder.

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