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The objects I stage of construction in the Titanium valley will be completed in 2013

18 July 2011
The objects I stage of construction in the Titanium valley will be completed in 2013

The project of construction of objects of infrastructure of the SEZ «Titanium valley» (Verkhnyaya Salda) broken by the developers in 3 key stages. Construction of the 1st phase of construction, according to the plans of the government of Sverdlovsk region, will be commissioned no later than 31 December of the following year. The last of the objects of the special economic zone, according to management of the project will be completed in the winter of 2020. Among the buildings that will be built in the coming months, appear the power of three enterprises on processing of titanium, the outer and inner highways, Railway station, customs complex, objects of service of EMERCOM of Russia, freight yard, car Parking and perimeter fence. In addition, among the objects of the first phase of construction will be erected the buildings Verkhnesaldinskiy combined heat and power (specially designed stations, providing «Titanium valley» electricity and thermal energy).The objects of the II phase of construction will be commissioned before 2017. The plan of construction includes industrial complexes 12 companies-SEZ residents (20 will begin to be built), the administrative and business centre, hotel, rest of the facilities, power plants, exhibition and training centres «Titanium valley».The objects of the IIIrd stage — the company of the other residents of the special economic zone — will be commissioned before the end of 2020. By this time in the territory of «Titanium valley» will operate 35 companies participating in the project.

15 July 2011
20 July 2011