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Manufacture of stainless electric welded pipes

20 July 2011
Manufacture of stainless electric welded pipes


Production of stainless

Electric welded pipes


  • Preparation of stainless sheet for welding;
  • Sheet twisting;
  • Welding of the edges of the pipe billet;
  • Reduction / calibration of finished pipes;
  • Cutting of finished pipes into lengths;
  • Finishing and quality control of pipes.

When choosing

The method of forming and welding are taken into account

Diameter of stainless electrowelded

Pipes and purpose.


Pipes of small and medium-sized diameters are

Roll blank with forming in

Continuous mill. With continuous

Gradual folding

Strip gives a cylindrical tube

Blank for straight pipe with straight

Linear joint. This operation

Produce in a cold state. FROM

Pre-welding ends of rolls

Continuous molding goes on in an infinite

Mode. When forming a strip in

Spiral forming machines, seam

The pipe will be spiraling. For

Electric welding of the edges of pipe blanks

Stainless steel fit two

Method: permanent contact welding

Current by the resistance method and

High-frequency electric welding. AND

The one and the other way refer to the form

Pressure welding.

Pressure welding has

Two stages: the first warm up the edge

Heat of the pipe billet

Electric current; On the second — they compress

Edges and bring to a joint plastic

Deformation — this is welding.

18 July 2011
21 July 2011