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In the next two decades, Boeing will buy titanium parts for $17 billion.

20 June 2011
In the next two decades, Boeing will buy titanium parts for $17 billion.

As told his interviewers with

TV-channel «Russia today»

Sergey Kravchenko (President

representative of «Boeing» in the countries

CIS), management of the Corporation plans

have until 2032 to invest in the purchase of parts

titanium, produced by Russian

companies, about 17 billion U.S. dollars.

«For the company «Boeing» manufacturers

Russia (the countries leading in titanium

industry) are the key suppliers

the «winged» metal," — said

Sergey Kravchenko. «And we are constantly

invest in strengthening

partnerships with Russian

Federation buying here engineering

development, equipment, parts, investing

funds in the development of modern

technologies," he added.

Also representative of the largest

manufacturer of aviation equipment

noted that the Corporation is pleased to provide

assistance to the Russian government in

the process of modernization of the country, and boasts a

however, that has the opportunity to develop

with representatives of the state

the joint projects. As an example

Mr. Kravchenko mentioned the enterprise

the processing of titanium created together

with «Rostekhnologii», to which

«Boeing» has made 50% of the funds required for

the launch of the plant.

In addition, during the interview, the President

representative of «Boeing» in the CIS countries

noted good prospects for development

the Russian aircraft industry. It

expressed confidence that in the near future

decades of aviation industry of the country

will take a worthy place on the global

market cruise technology, surpassing leaders

industry «Boeing» and «Airbus».

19 June 2011
21 June 2011