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Stainless hexagon

28 June 2011
Stainless hexagon

Hexahedron is a part that is used during construction work in fasteners and mechanisms. It has a hexagonal cross-section with a diameter of an inscribed circle, which is equal to 800 mm.

Hexagon is the basis for the production of nuts and bolts, as well as parts for equipment and machines.

The stainless hexagon is made of carbon (unalloyed tool) steel in accordance with GOST 1435−99. Such hexahedrons are calibrated and hot rolled. When using GOST 2879−88, the steel is taken as high-alloy or carbon steel, alloyed hot-rolled. GOST 8560−78 regulates the production of hexagon, the size of the section of which is within 3 -7 mm. For him, steel grade «st45» is used.

In the production of hexahedrons, high-tech equipment is used, calibrated and hot-rolled from carbon steel or other subspecies thereof.

Hot-rolled hexahedron is produced, as a rule, in the range from 8 to 100 mm. The calibrated stainless hexagon is made of stainless steel, the size of which varies from 3 to 100 mm.

The length of the hexagon in the rod is 2−6 m.

The standard allows the production of bars with a diameter of more than 100 mm and a length of up to 12 m.

If the product contains a designation similar to this: 12 st35 L = 15 GOST 8560−78, then such a calibrated stainless hexagon is fifteen meters long, made of steel of the thirty-fifth grade with a cross sectional dimension of twelve millimeters. On each product, passed all the stages of verification, there should be similar marks that qualify its parameters.

Most hexagons are made in rods. It is also possible to produce these products, the size of which is more than one hundred millimeters. With a diameter of a circle inscribed in a hexagon of typical accuracy of 26 — 30 mm., The maximum deviation should not exceed 3−7 mm.

A stainless hexagon, as a workpiece, is used in the manufacture of various parts and equipment. Output products are further used in the chemical, engineering and food industries.

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