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Pipe AISI 201.

25 May 2011
Pipe AISI 201.

Produced according to those. Conditions A554 of the American Society for Testing of Materials (ASTM). This is a welded pipe of increased strength from stainless steel, indispensable in mechanical engineering, where mechanical strength and resistance to corrosion are necessary.

The AISI 201 pipe is produced on an automatic welding machine without stainless steel filler in rolls. The AISI 201 pipe is usually shipped without a protective coating. If special protection is necessary, this is specified in the order.

The AISI 201 pipe corresponds to the tensile strength of those specified in table S2.1. Conditions A554 on a welded pipe of increased strength from stainless steel. According to the requirements of TU A554 for welded pipes of increased strength from stainless steel - several types of non-destructive tests were specified for AISI 201 pipe .

At the request of the customer , the AISI 201 pipe undergoes a tensile test: a sample is taken from one pipe of each batch of 760 m or from a sample from the stainless steel melt that went into the production of the strip. If the hardness specification is specified in the order specification, a piece for testing is cut off from the end of each 760 m of the AISI 201 pipe , or a sample is taken from the steel smelting that was used to make the strip.

Limit values ​​obtained from all tests are reflected in the order. TU A554 prescribes the provision of all possible information on the material of the ordered pipe.

24 May 2011
26 May 2011