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Is the profile pipe carbon steel or stainless steel?

4 May 2011
Is the profile pipe carbon steel or stainless steel?


Carbon pipe is in the lead among

Structural pipes, but stainless

The profile tube is significantly cramped

Leader, as opposed to much better

Influence of external conditions. Thick-walled

The profile stainless tube is massive,

But it is she who is the basis of easily constructed

Metal structures.


Profiled stainless steel pipe noticeably

Extends the choice of finishing materials

For the decoration of structural elements.

Stainless pipe

Profile is in demand in engineering,

Civil and industrial construction.

Profile pipe fencing is

Lattice, screen (for example, for

Balconies) or combined

Welded structures.

Pipe for

Balconies of residential buildings should be

Robust and rigid, profile stainless

The pipe has ideal strength

And mechanical characteristics.

Fencing of

Profile pipe using

Profile stainless pipe does not need

In anticorrosion protection, for example in

Varnish or paint coating. Besides

Corrosion resistance and strength

Stainless steel pipe has aesthetic



Stainless steel gives interesting solutions,

For example, a mirror stainless tube,

Which the structure of which has

amazing view.

29 April 2011
5 May 2011