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Finnish miners of Nickel increasing pace

5 May 2011
Finnish miners of Nickel increasing pace

For manufacturers

Nickel from Finland the first quarter of

work has been productive. So,

the press center of MMC «Norilsk

Nickel», which owns the assets of the Finnish

the Harjavalta refinery (the only

nikelerafinirovochnogo enterprises in

Finland), in its capacity this

the company was issued more than 11.5 million tons of

Nickel. It exceeds the indicators of «Norilsk

Nickel Harjavalta» in the 1st quarter of 2010 by 31%.

The growth in production of

finished products the company’s specialists

explain significant increases in download

processing capacity of the complex,

including through the supply

intermediates (matte)

third-party companies.

About successful results

work misleading and the representatives of the Finnish

company «Talvivaara Mining Co Plc», which

has the rights to develop Nickel

fields, Kolmisoppi and Kuusilampi.

In the first quarter of the current year the company

received 8.8 million euros in net profit (in

compared with 14 million loss in the same

period in 2010). The concern in the first months

it has managed to increase the volume

Nickel production to a record high

in 4,215 thousand tons.

According to Pekka Pera,

the head of the company «Talvivaara Mining», increase

the amount of profit of the group contributed

positive dynamics of the prices for Nickel,

confidently standing in the corridor between

24 and 28 thousand US dollars per ton and tangible

the growth in supply which characterized the

the first quarter of 2011.

4 May 2011
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