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The volume of export of Nickel from Russia in the first quarter of saw the rise

16 May 2011
The volume of export of Nickel from Russia in the first quarter of saw the rise

According to FCS (Federal Customs Service) of the Russian Federation companies of the country in the first 3 months of this year exported more than 53 thousand tons of raw Nickel. This is by 4.1% more than last year’s first quarter results. While the lion’s share of foreign sales was accounted for by foreign countries, while close neighbors acquired less than 1% of this volume (the export of Nickel in the CIS countries during this time amounted to about 100 tons). The total amount of cash turnover in Russian companies exported Nickel 1−3 months of 2011 exceeded $1.43 million.

Recall that the January export figures for this metal were producers less optimistic: when comparing the volumes of the first month of the current year (15.1 thousand tons) and the results of work in January 2010 (17 thousand tons), there has been a decrease in the level of Nickel exports by the Russian suppliers of 10.7%. Due to higher Nickel prices, balance of trade metal in monetary terms showed a positive trend, demonstrating the rise by 25.15% (from $304.8 million in 2010 to $381,4 million in the current year). And although in February this year regarding the January release of Nickel has declined even more (about 9%), in comparison with the 2nd month of 2010, the volume of exports, though only slightly (less than one percent), but increased.

13 May 2011
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