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Steel company Acerinox (Spain) has increased its profit by more than 6.5 times

6 May 2011
Steel company Acerinox (Spain) has increased its profit by more than 6.5 times

The Spanish international

the company Acerinox, which produces stainless steel

the steel finished the first quarter of this year

with excellent scores. Company

official figures received net

net profit of 67.8 million euros, which is 6.7 times higher

compared to the same period of 2010

year. It is noteworthy that the volume

sales of the Corporation in January-March 2011

grew 41.3% in comparison with the first

months of work last year, amounting to

€ 1.41 billion

Recall that in the past

the company Acerinox also demonstrated

positive trend (albeit with less

the rapid growth). In

this period, the sales volume of the Corporation (in

compared to the same indicators

2009) has increased by 50%.

Company Acerinox, controlled

today Rafael Naranjo, is

one of the largest producers of

stainless steel in the world. Headquarters

enterprise is located in Madrid. Company

was founded in 1970 with the support of

Japanese Nisshin Steel, which

belongs about 15% of the assets of Acerinox.

At home

the Corporation owns 10 factories and

factories. In addition, 8 large enterprises

of concern are located in other countries

Europe (Portugal, France, Great Britain,

Switzerland, Sweden, Italy, Poland).

The company also manages several

factories in Turkey, South Africa, Malaysia,

Argentina, Chile and the United States. The total number of

of staff employed in the enterprises

Acerinox is more than 7,000.

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