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In the "Titanium valley" will be built a production company the Boeing Corporation

12 April 2011
In the

Corporation «Boeing»

plans to build in the SEZ

«Titanium valley» production

capacity, where the equipment

designed for mechanical

treatment of castings of titanium.

The decision to invest in the development of

special economic zone management

Boeing received after the presentation

conducted by the organizers of the project

for representatives known throughout the

world aircraft company. About it

the journalists said Anatoly Leonidovich

Gredin, the head of the government of Sverdlovsk


According to Mr.

Gredin, the launch of this site will be able

greatly optimize

manufacture of titanium products at

verkhnesaldinskiy MPO AVISMA. Current

machining titanium

casting will reduce the cost of finished parts

titanium about a third. Of course,

for Boeing Corporation is very profitable,

since this American company

is one of the largest manufacturers of

space, aviation, and military

technology in the world. It is for these machines

titanium is used most often. So

management Boeing is willing to invest

serious money in the development of this


At the moment

the design of the structure

«Titanium valley», and, according to

experts, these works will be completed

by the end of this year. By that time

this begins the creation of infrastructure

The SEZ, close to this time will be

to talk about a specific date of construction

new machining capacity


11 April 2011
13 April 2011