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Stainless steel band

13 April 2011
Stainless steel band


Tape is used in many industries

Economy, including, in mechanical engineering,

Automotive, electrical,

Because it has a huge industrial


Tape, according to its types

Processing can be divided into the following

Groups: soft stainless tape (M),

Semi-finished stainless steel tape

(PN), cold-worked stainless steel tape

(H), high-hardened stainless

Tape (BH). Thickness

The tape, as a rule, is 0.15 - 6 mm,

And the width is 12-1524 mm. Soft stainless

Tape - annealed, with high

Plastic properties, because such a

Tape is often used to create

Various forms, including corrugating. Half-Hart,

Highly-hardened and cold-worked

Stainless steel bands are characterized by

Hardness and strength. Frosting

Called mechanical hardening

Surface properties using

Plastic deformation. At the end

Of this process stainless tape

Acquires strength, hardness, and

At the same time, becomes less plastic

And has a lower impact strength. Than

The higher the coefficient of cold work, the harder it is

And less plastic strap.

Therefore, high-hardened stainless

Tape is considered to be one of the hardest and

Non-plastic. Stainless

Ribbons also differ in the form of their

Edges (edged, not edged), accuracy

Their manufacture (normal, high

And high), the surface view (1,2,3 groups),

And the quality of the surface (classes A, B, B,

G, D, E). Stainless

The tape is used for manufacturing

Dishes, springs, brackets, different

Clamps, in the automotive industry,

In the aircraft industry, in the manufacture of household

Technology, with decorative design

Furniture, fencing , etc.

12 April 2011
14 April 2011