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Stainless steel is always in fashion

27 April 2011
Stainless steel is always in fashion

It's no secret that with everyone

Year, the popularity of this alloy

Metal only grows, and he finds everything

Greater application in different sectors

Industry and construction. Of course

Same, we are talking about stainless steel —

Alloy of iron with chromium. Its

Anticorrosive properties it is obliged

The presence of a layer of chromium oxide on the surface

Metal. This protective layer has a large

Stability and even with mechanical

Or chemical damage it quickly

Returns to its previous state,

And its anticorrosive properties remain


Stainless steel material

Steel at the same time and practical, and

Aesthetic, and noble. He is capable

Satisfy any conditions that

Are placed before the finishing materials,

Because it is very diverse

Species and surface selection.

In addition to anti-corrosion

Properties, stainless steel has more

A number of other advantages. First, it

Characterized by a variety of products:

Stainless circles, tapes, pipes, corners,


Second, the wide

Choice of surface: polished,

Decorative, polished, matt,


Thirdly, it is easy

Process of assembly, assembly and

Designing of details.

Fourth, high

Melting temperature.

Fifthly, a large

Durability of products.

Finishing materials

Stainless steel have reliability

Much larger than other finishing

Materials. Their surface does not tolerate

Changes over the years.

Also, for stainless steel is characteristic

Higher heat resistance than

Other kinds of steel.

Stainless Circle

Is a long products from

High-alloy steel, which has

Round section with different diameters.

According to the mode of production

Distinguish a stainless steel hot-rolled circle

And calibrated. The stainless steel ring has

High degree of protection against any type

Corrosion. Another feature of the circle

Resistance to various

Rust under the influence of


Stainless circles found

Application in almost all spheres

Chemical industry, electric power industry,

Instrument engineering, machine building, and

Production of

Consumption. It is worth noting that

Application of long products

Different brands of steel directly depends

From the load and aggressiveness of the environment.

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