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19 APR Marcegaglia (Italy) will launch in China pipe mill

18 April 2011
19 APR Marcegaglia (Italy) will launch in China pipe mill

This week

metallurgical company from Italy

Marcegaglia will launch a production line

for the production of tubular products (stainless

pipes, rolled carbon steel and

cold-rolled products) near

Shanghai (China). For the organization’s iconic

the event, as new capacity is

this is the first plant of Italian corporations

on the territory of any of the Asian


Experts predict

Marcegaglia, the annual production

the new Chinese plant will be

about 70 thousand tons of stainless steel tubes,

about 200 thousand tons of pipes of carbon

formulations and not less than 100 thousand tons

cold-rolled pipes.

As reported

specialized media, investors,

invest in building capacity

in the Shanghai industrial Park

Guangling, the project cost 150 million euros. It

another investment company that extends

the zone of influence around the world. Recall

not long ago, Marcegaglia launched the pipe

production in Poland. The plant, which

it is, specializiruetsya on the issue

welded stainless pipe and annually

supplies to European consumers

about 250 thousand tons of products.

Chinese pipe

the plant is aimed at a different target group.

According to calculations marketers Italian

metallurgical company, key

the consumers of these products (except

the domestic market of China) are buyers

from Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, South

Korea and other nearby countries.

15 April 2011
19 April 2011