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Yieh United Steel Corporation (Taiwan) announced a price increase for stainless steel

4 March 2011
Yieh United Steel Corporation (Taiwan) announced a price increase for stainless steel

According to news Agency Bloomberg, the company YUSCO, the largest stainless steel manufacturer in Asia, announced price increases for their products in March of this year. The company management connects the rising cost of stainless steel with increasing amounts of production costs (in particular, for the supply of raw materials).

New prices YiehUnitedSteelCorporation"grown up" for domestic consumers, the Taiwan market in 34−305 USD. And the cost of stainless steel, for export, increased by 50−350 USD. So stainless steel 300 series price increased by $235−305 per ton (for domestic market) and 250−350 USD (for external customers). Stainless metal 400 series in March of this year for YUSCO will cost to domestic buyers is more expensive for 34 USD, and for foreign buyers of steel this series will be released for the price great value of «usual price» of $50−70 per ton.

The Taiwanese company, Yieh United Steel Corporation, the largest in the country with facilities for production of stainless steel products with fine structure: AISI 430; AISI 304; AISI 304L; AISI 316L. Production capacity is about 900 thousand tons per year g/K rolled steel and about 340 thousand tons of cold-rolled metal. According to recent press reports, at present, YUSCO is actively investing in expanding their own influence in the Chinese market. The company plans to build on the territory of the Republic of ferronickel plant to increase production of cold-rolled stainless steel for Lianzhong Stainless Steel.

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