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The roof is made of stainless steel.

9 March 2011
The roof is made of stainless steel.

Stainless steel is a new and very promising roofing material used to cover roofs.

Due to its excellent characteristics, stainless steel roofs have proven themselves in the construction of roofs, so the use of blood from stainless steel is very beneficial. Weather, temperature loads do not affect this type of steel, it remains reliable and durable, preserving all its properties under any natural influences. Thanks to the application of modern steel processing technologies, a wide choice of colors, textures and roof surfaces is offered. The service life of stainless steel is from 60 years, which makes it very practical, and at such a long service life this type of roof does not require thorough and expensive maintenance or repair. Beauty, optical effects and aesthetics are achieved with the help of various types of surface of the facades of stainless steel, and can offer a huge number of options for every taste: shiny and matte, embossed and stamped, non-slip, decorative, and even with colored hues.

The stainless steel roof is widely used in construction, and it always justifies the expectations placed on it.

4 March 2011
10 March 2011