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Lead alloy of Babbit B16.

23 March 2011
Lead alloy of Babbit B16.

To those who

Directly related to engineering,

Namely with the production of wagons and

Engines of trains, as well as spare parts

To them, of course, this word is familiar -

Babbitt. What does it mean and what is it


At the very

In fact, everything is simple. Babbitt is

Antifriction alloy

Which includes tin

Or lead. It is used

In the form of a layer that is poured or

Sprayed on the bearing shell.

The inventor of this bearing

Alloy is an American by Isaac Babbitt,

In honor of which the alloy received its

name. The year of invention is



Different types of tin and lead alloy.

There are 3 main types with the following

Proportion: 1) 90% tin and 10% copper;

2) 89% tin, 7% antimony, 4% copper; 3)

80% lead, 15% antimony, 5% tin.


Has a very high plasticity. Him

Can easily be rolled into the finest

Sheets, or lead foil, it is stable

To corrosion. Therefore, it is widely used

As the main component in babbits

(The most common brand is babbit


Solders, alloys, which are used

For injection molding. In addition, he

It is used as an alloying component

In copper and copper-nickel alloys.

Lead is widely used in production

Batteries, cable sheaths, rack

Against corrosion of equipment.

For Babbits

Based on lead, brands such as babbit

B16, BN, BSB, BKA, BK2, BK2SH, SAE13, SAE14, ASTM7,

SAE15, ASTM15 is characterized by a higher operating

Temperature than babbitts made

On the basis of tin. They are used in

Bearings of diesel engines and

Rolling mills.

One of

The most common babbits,

Lead-calcium calcite Babbit B-16,

Used in production

Motor-axial bearings of electric locomotives,

Track machines, as well as details of locomotives

And other heavy equipment

Machine building.

Of course,

There are some drawbacks

Lead babbit

B-16. It is characterized by

Low fatigue resistance, easier

Speaking, quickly wears out and, therefore,

Bearing life is reduced,

Leading to a deterioration in their performance.

All this must be taken into account when choosing the one

Or other brand, as lead Babbit

Not always suitable, and there is a big risk

, That you will have to replace very soon

Worn bearing or other part.

But, on

Today, in heavy engineering

Real alternative to the Babbit alloy

No, since its cost price is much

Less other alloys, therefore, its

Yearly production will only be


22 March 2011
24 March 2011