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Stainless Seamless Thin-walled Pipe

30 March 2011
Stainless Seamless Thin-walled Pipe

In our time, in the world there is a serious struggle for spheres of influence in the aircraft manufacturing market, therefore, the aviation industry complex of any developed country has a task to improve the quality of their products, including by increasing the characteristics of the materials from which they are manufactured. Since in the world of increasing popularity is acquired by stainless rolled metal products, this could not but affect the aviation industry. Especially in this context, we should focus on the use of stainless seamless thin-walled pipes. Seamless thin-walled stainless pipes because of the absence of a weld seam have a higher strength and, therefore, they are used if special reliability is needed. In accordance with the technological method of production, they are divided into cold-deformed pipes, heat-deformed and hot-deformed. Seamless thin-walled stainless pipes are made of stainless steel grades and, therefore, they have all the advantages that are characteristic of stainless steels: high resistance to corrosion, increased resistance to contact with aggressive chemical media, a wide range of application temperatures, increased mechanical resistance. Due to the wide variety, stainless seamless pipes have an undoubted advantage in comparison with the pipes made of ferrous metals, and therefore this explains their huge demand among most industries.

29 March 2011
31 March 2011