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Japanese manufacturers of special steels felt the lack of ferronickel

31 March 2011
Japanese manufacturers of special steels felt the lack of ferronickel

Japanese manufacturers

stainless, acid and heat resistant

steel has experienced a shortage of ferronickel,

which is used for alloying

alloys as an alternative to expensive

the pure Nickel. The shortage of component

arose as a result of stopping capacity

the Hachinohe plant of Pacific Metals Corporation in

the province of Aomori, which is the largest

in the land of the Rising Sun supplier

this Ferroalloy.

The reason for the closure

the plant was a flood caused

tsunami. The probability that

from the earthquake and resulting

disasters suffered by the enterprise itself,

small. However, damage by the elements

objects of port infrastructure of the city

makes the supply of raw materials for the production of

ferronickel is problematic.

Due March

the earthquake somehow broken

the work of many metallurgical plants

Japan. Reasons in violation of the highways,

which was the supply of raw materials

and fuel, and in the absence of

electricity or need it

to save. Some businesses

received damage or were flooded.

However, according to Western

experts, metallurgists Japan pretty

quickly cope with force majeure


In particular, the stop

capacity Pacific Metals, producing

ferronickel, according to Steel Business

Briefing, for most steel

plants will not lead to serious

consequences. So, if needed

will be found alternative sources

delivery of the alloying components

production of special steels.

30 March 2011
1 April 2011