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Exclusive stainless steel railings.

16 March 2011
Exclusive stainless steel railings.

Probably many

I've seen in various centers,

Shops or just in private homes

Railings made of stainless steel, but almost

Nobody knows how they are made

And are brought to perfection.

Undoubtedly, the prices for

Stainless steel railings significantly

Higher than say on wood, but in this

There is an excuse. Firstly, this is

Of course, exclusive and modern

View, secondly the manufacture of handrails from

Stainless steel — quite complicated

And a time-consuming process requiring

Certain skills.

For achievement

Maximum effect, the master has to

Handle all welds before

Pores, until the surface becomes absolutely

Smooth and mirror. For this

Special grinding wheels are used

Circles that the master constantly changes

On more sparing and in the end, he

Puts a soft, felt wheel,

On it polishing paste and brings

The product to the present, pure luster.

Welding the railing from

Stainless steel is special

Trained welder — «argon». In

The price depends on skill

Welding process, since the welding process with

The use of argon requires a long

Training, but the quality of the products

Justifies all costs.

In addition to their visual

Qualities, stainless steel handrails

Have a number of practical advantages.

One, and most important, of them is the absolute

Ignoring the main enemy of metals

— moisture. Stainless steel quite calmly

Carries a variety of unfavorable

Weather conditions and still does not lose

Its attractiveness for many years.

And yet, as for any

Thing, care for the rails of stainless

I need you. Approximately once every six months

They should be wiped with a special

Aerosol, which is sold in

Specialized stores, but more often

Total company manufacturer upon completion

Works leaves one cylinder for the customer

Such a facility.

And in conclusion I wanted to

To note one more pleasant moment.

The price of a stainless steel railings

Times will justify itself at sale

Real estate where they are installed,

Creating an atmosphere of wealth and good


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