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Forging and pressing work Manufacturing of forgings with diameter up to 800 mm

2 February 2011
Forging and pressing work Manufacturing of forgings with diameter up to 800 mm


Technical arms of the company "YMD"

There is a number of forging and pressing

Equipment. Our technical capacities

Allow to make forgings

Diameter up to 800 mm. We produce forgings

From carbon, alloy, stainless

Grades of steels and malleable colored

Forging is one of the

Types of best quality blanks

For the production of heavy engineering.

All critical parts of machines carrying

As heavy loads as static so

And dynamic, are made of

Preparatory Ingots

Heated in furnaces to forging

Temperatures and are fed to the press, where

And the forging process takes place. Quality

The future of the product is already on the procurement

Stage is determined by the quality of the original

Ingot and forgings.
Proceeding from the required

Quality of the product and its responsibility,

All forgings are divided into 5 groups of quality,

Where each group regulates its own

Control of the product - for hardness, for

Mechanical properties (per piece or

On a batch), on a chemical compound (on

Part or on a batch).

The company "YAMD" can produce

On the forging lots the final

Heat treatment and research of mechanical

Properties and chemical composition. All our

Forgings are accompanied by certificates

Quality, in which data on

Actual values ​​of mechanical

Properties and chemical composition of the product.

Depending on the requirements of the customer and

Technical requirements of the drawing, company

"YAMD" controls the absence

Internal and external defects with the help of

Ultrasonic, color-capillary

And magneto-powder method.

Press equipped with modern systems

Management and control, which allows

Greatly simplify and unify

Process, excluding from

It is influenced by the human factor.

Qualification of our employees and

The widest modern park

Forging and pressing equipment

Allow to produce high-quality

Products, fully respecting the requirements

Technological cycle and achieve

The highest possible quality


1 February 2011
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