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In Vladimir (Russia) launched a new line for production of stainless pipes

27 January 2011
In Vladimir (Russia) launched a new line for production of stainless pipes


equipment commissioned

at the end of January, beginning of

its work thanks to the efforts of specialists

Italian Corporation «Marcegaglia», which

combines about 50

processing plants of steel,

located in various countries around the world.


specific project (two new automatic

lines for production of welded

stainless steel pipe and tube) cost

investors in the €5 million. In total (for

the last three years) in the development of Vladimir

company OOO «Marcialla Ru» was

invested around 22 million euros. In total

difficulty (on pre-crisis estimates),

in the plans of investors was to spend

for the development of about 50 million.


power, according to experts, will allow

the company to reach the annual level

pipe production more than 15 thousand

tons. And in the next years (until 2114

years) management of the company plans

to achieve production volumes of stainless

products not less than 3 thousand tons per month.


manufactured on the new equipment

(corrosion resistant stainless steel pipe

with the diameter up to 70 mm.), mainly

designed to meet the

needs for food,

pharmacological and chemical

industry. Recall that the first 2

the line of this series was launched on

plant in late 2009.

26 January 2011
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