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Casting on heated models

26 January 2011
Casting on heated models


A chain of precision casting begins

From the manufacture of wax models. AT

Industry wax models get

With the use of metal tools.

Such equipment consists of several

Parts and an ejector mechanism,

Which provides complex

Cross sections.

The syringe provides the introduction of hot

Wax in the mold.
In the mold

A portion of the hot wax is cooled and

Hardens. When is achieved

Certain strength, rigging

Open and extract the model.

In most cases, complex castings

One is not filled. Several

Wax models are mounted in model

Blocks. Individual models are heated in

The places where they will be fastened

And then they combine melted wax

With a gate system. Such a block

Is a continuous blank for

Subsequent filling.
Then on

The model block is applied ceramic

coating. The unit is immersed in a ceramic

A suspension that is a mixture of

Water, ceramic particles, and

Special substances that improve

Wetting and mixing. After that

The model block is dried in sandy-air

Flow. So the first layer is formed

Shell. This operation must be repeated

repeatedly. The more hot

Metal will be poured into the mold, the

More layers are needed. In this way,

Form a strong shell of the form.

Further the model is extracted from the mold

In steam autoclaves or in ovens. In furnaces

For calcining the ceramic form

Cooked to temperatures higher than

1000 ° C.
After pouring the metal into the mold

A block of precision castings with a single

Gate system. Castings are cut

And sent to the final treatment.

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