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The Shanghai stock exchange of nonferrous metals is developing a network of warehouses

10 January 2011
The Shanghai stock exchange of nonferrous metals is developing a network of warehouses


Shanghai futures exchange will open in

new year two bonded warehouse at the port

Yangshan (Yangshan), where customers

aluminum and copper will be done

their supply contracts ShFE — report

representatives of news agencies

«Dow Jones Newswires». Customs warehouses will start

job futures transactions since March 16

2011 and will be able for all participants

market greatly facilitate the process

trading these non-ferrous metals.


Futures Exchange» conducts trading operations

with several types of goods and operates

on the territory of China since December 1999.

Members of the futures exchanges are more

200. Among the industrial

metals submitted to «ShFE»,

traded copper, zinc and aluminum. In addition

also, operators are «Shanghai Futures Exchange»

spetsializiruyutsya on gold, oil and

natural rubber.


the opinion of many market participants, «ShFE»

good prospects. In the first half

the current year (for Asia Pacific

region), Shanghai stock exchange entered the top five

leaders in trading volumes. Given

China occupies a leading position

among the countries-consumers of copper and aluminum,

«Shanghai Futures Exchange» can create a decent

competition «LME» (London stock exchange

non-ferrous metals), a leading global

the trade center six base



the new approach, the importers of copper and aluminium

can a more simplified scheme to import

products and register them for warrants

The Shanghai futures exchanges with significantly

lower cost and trading company

will have the ability to easily re-export

these non-ferrous metals.

7 January 2011
11 January 2011