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On the base metals market in the coming year is expected to continue rising prices.

7 January 2011
On the base metals market in the coming year is expected to continue rising prices.


analysts predict that in 2011 the upward

the dynamics in the markets of copper, aluminum, tin,

zinc, Nickel and other base metals

will continue. According to projections

experts of the British investment

Barclays Capital, revised their

assumptions concerning the development

events on world markets, the average price

copper will be $9550 per tonne, tin will

cost about $ 26, 875 and Nickel

— $25 625/t.


this point of view and experts are global

Bank UBS, which raised its forecast for

base metals in the coming year

average of 7 percent.


for such assumptions is the dynamics

the growth of prices for non-ferrous metals, observed

experts in 2010, and

dictated by their scarcity. Recall

what recent months, the stocks of copper, tin,

aluminum, Nickel and other nonferrous

metals on world markets rapidly



optimistic and expected in the first

quarter of 2011 replenishment

non-ferrous metals companies from India

China and other countries with rapidly

emerging markets, which may

to make significant and sharp jumps

their value.

In addition

according to market analysts,

the managing companies of investment

portfolios in the beginning of next year will be

seek to purchase safe assets

because the probability of inflation currency

will remain at a high level.

As a result, the value of industrial

metals can grow to more

high marks.

6 January 2011
10 January 2011