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In Russia starts a new enterprise producing stainless steel pipe

11 January 2011
In Russia starts a new enterprise producing stainless steel pipe


the turn of 2010 and 2011 to OAO «sinarskaya

pipe plant» (Kamensk-Uralsky)

opened shop for the production of high-tech

stainless steel tubes for use in

the military-industrial complex,

aviation, nuclear power and

the oil and gas industry.


the new line is a

workshop b-3. With the help of the management of the new

SP, dubbed «TMK-INOX»,

plans to reduce the percentage of consumption

imported stainless steel pipe,

according to experts, is

about 60% of the total Russian

market. As noted present at

the opening ceremony of the line Governor

Sverdlovsk region, Mr. Misharin, the new

the company will be a good help

for the domestic market of the country and will give

residents of the area for new jobs in

environmentally-friendly production.


the launch of the line also took

by the head of the Board of Directors of the Trumpet

metallurgical company Dmitry

A. Pumpyanskiy, speaking

at the event on behalf of the sponsors

project. According to him, in the new production

stainless steel pipes will be used

nanotechnology, by which

the strength of the metal and its resistance to

corrosion will be improved at the level of

the structure of the molecule.


new joint venture at a cost

investors 3. 7 billion rubles, of which

51% have made the management Board of TMK. The second main

part of the money (1.4 billion R. R.)

invested RUSNANO,

headed by Anatoly Chubais. According to

the developers of the project, new equipment

will allow to increase volumes of output

special tubes to a level higher than

7 000 tons per year.

10 January 2011
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