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The price of stainless steel

17 January 2011
The price of stainless steel

Prices for stainless steel, depending on the brand

presented on the chart. It is also worth considering the type of hire, starting with the

expensive in the list below:

  1. Stainless strip
  2. Stainless steel wire
  3. Stainless steel pipe seamless
  4. Stainless steel welded pipe
  5. Stainless steel hexagon bar
  6. Stainless steel bar
  7. Stainless steel sheet

цена на нержавеющую сталь

Of course casting stainless steel forgings stainless

steel will be even more expensive. «AVEK global» can offer any custom

products and any brand of stainless steel from 200 series to the West and inconel

hastelloy. Technical

questions, please contact our sales Department.

13 January 2011
18 January 2011