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Ferroalloy enterprises of Ukraine summed total of the past year

18 January 2011
Ferroalloy enterprises of Ukraine summed total of the past year


data «UkrFA» (Ukrainian Association

producers of ferro-alloys) in 2010

the volume of production of ferroalloys on

Ukrainian enterprises exceeded

similar indicators of the previous

year by 38% and amounted to 1 million 432 thousand tons.


of ferromanganese (in terms of total volume) was

produced more than 280 thousand tons, which is

116% higher than in 2009. Delivery

Ukrainian ferrosilicon increased

to 195,5 thousand tons (almost

third, in comparison with the previous year).

And the production volume of silico-manganese

and manganese metal increased by

26,7% and 4% respectively (up to 956,1 thousand tons).


particular NFP (OJSC «Nikopol Plant

Ferroalloy») have improved their own

indicators of 38.7%, and produced products

over 915-thousand tons. Their colleagues from

Luhansk region, producing ferrosilicon

and silicomanganese, (open Joint-stock

Society «Stakhanov Factory Of Ferroalloys»)

increased production to 220 thousand tons

(which is more than last year

42%). And JSC «ZFP» (ferroalloys

from the city of Zaporizhia) production volumes

elements used for deoxidation

and alloying of steel alloys, was

nearly 297 000 tonnes, based on

«UkrFA» exceeded the figures of 2009

more than a third.


the membership of the Ukrainian Association of

producers of ferro-alloys created

in April 1997, includes, in addition to these

the above companies, «Constantine

metallurgical plant, ore

Processing plant», «Kramatorsk MZ», LLC «Pobuzhsky

ferronickel plant», «Ordzhonikidzevskaya

GOK», and NIPIN «Giprostal».

17 January 2011
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