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Seamless Stainless Pipe

5 January 2011
Seamless Stainless Pipe


9940, 9941 12X18H10T,



Stainless pipes of the Russian Federation and China at present

Time pushed out of the market

Producers. Made on the basis of

The newest technologies, they are more durable,

Work under high pressure, more

Resistant to intergranular corrosion and

Can be used in food

Industry (dairy, meat,

Alcohol, etc.), in the chemical

Industry, pharmaceutical,

Petrochemical, energy and

Other industries.


Strength of seamless pipes provide

Thicker walls than

Electrowelded pipes of the same external

Diameter. This is particularly evident in

Typical type sizes: 38 mm - 45

Mm - 57 mm - 76 mm - 89 mm - 108 mm - 133 mm -

159 mm, etc. Seamless tubes are designed

For a greater pressure on their thick wall

Easier to cut the thread and attach

Pipeline fittings.


Pipes are usually supplied

Length in the range from 1.5 to 10 m. In practice:

With a diameter of up to 89 mm - 108 mm pipe from 3-4

M up to 7 meters, and large diameters - up to 9 meters

M. Stainless Seamless Chimneys from China

Usually a length of 5.6-5.9 m.


Stainless seamless pipe -

Hot-deformed stainless

Pipes (comply with GOST 9940-81 ) and cold-

And heat-deformed stainless

Pipes (GOST 9941-81), produced by

Set of technical conditions,

Developed at the manufacturers,

In particular TU 14-3-197-89, TU 14-ZR-197-2001 -

Pipes with increased surface quality.

Also, in stock there are pipes

GOST 14162-79 - seamless stainless steel

Pipes of small dimensions ("capillary").


Our stock is always available

Stainless steel seamless pipe brands

Steel 12Х18Н10Т (08Х18Н10Т), 10Х17Н13М2Т. By

Availability of other brands

Clarify with managers.


Certificates of quality are reflected in the cleanliness

Surface and size fit.

Hydraulic Pressure Testing

(Hydrotesting) and ultrasound

Each tube is subjected to inspection. Two

Pipes from each batch pass

Intergranular corrosion test

(IWC). Additional

customer requirements.

4 January 2011
6 January 2011