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On "Electrozinc" earned an updated site

20 December 2017
On "Electrozinc" earned an updated site

The company «Electrozink» is in UMMC. One of these days on it the renewed site has started to function. This is a section of grinding velcezokslov and is located in the hydrometallurgical shop. The process of zinc production was suspended in October. Then the repair work began. Now a ball mill has already started working. It is used to grind velcezokslov. It is a product that contains zinc. It is obtained by roasting.

Previous equipment was already out of order. It did not fulfill its purpose. After grinding, granules were obtained. The temperature of calcination increased from 400 degrees to 1000 in velcewicz. The granules reached 5−8 mm. For further processing, this was very inconvenient. It took place in the hydrometallurgical shop. It was not without reason to raise the temperature. The sublimation of the content of certain elements in the veic acid was necessary. They negatively affected the electrolysis.

When installing new equipment, the working modes of the mill were determined. Then there was testing and some corrections. As a result, the mill again earned. Together with it, the modernized sixth baking welsh furnace was commissioned. The site has been working for two months. At the end of this period, he demonstrated the expected result. The increase in the temperature regime of calcination has made it possible to reduce the amount of excess impurities. Their content decreased by 3 times. Due to this, the granules in the new mill were crushed to 100 microns.

The ground calcined oxides are sent to the HMC. There they are processed and then follow the remaining technological stages. The result — the output of finished products in the form of torval zinc. The electrolyte shop also improves the working process. In this shop, the production is being completed.

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