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Iron, Nickel and lead in the drinking water or the periodic table

2 April 2014
Iron, Nickel and lead in the drinking water or the periodic table

The fact that people for the most part consists of water in anybody does not cause doubt, which is probably why the low quality of drinking water provokes in us the development of more than eighty percent of all known diseases. Content in life is important for human fluids of various chemical substances, metal oxides and some compounds of the organic type are able to not only change the tint of the water, its transparency or taste, but can easily turn healing moisture into a real poison.

So the excess of iron salts in drinking water may trigger the development of allergies or diseases of the hematopoietic organs. The contents here of lead adversely affects kidney and nerve fibers, disrupting the functioning of the urogenital and nervous system. By the way it is lead most often provokes atherosclerosis. The liver is highly sensitive to the effects of selenium, but kidney stones can be the result of the content in the drinking fluid of a large amount of zinc. Especially dangerous in this context is Nickel. Excess of this metal stimulates the formation of cancer cells, systematically summing up our body for the formation of malignant tumors in the lungs or stomach.

The problems associated with drinking water is very important not only to domestic areas but also abroad. However, despite the efforts that make the relevant services, the situation with each year more more complex. In the water that flows from the tap, in every house fully present almost all the table of a famous scientist by the name of Mendeleev. To drink such a poisonous cocktail, you must be truly brave man. As an alternative to the current situation, many companies offer to the population for drinking, purified water. But not all manufacturers in this area adhere to all rules and hygienic requirements of such production. Therefore, even purified water is not a panacea for all ills. By the way the paradox of this situation is the fact that the person who is suffering from low quality water for drinking and caused the contamination of most freshwater reservoirs. To minimize the harmful effects of certain industrial activities, many environmental organizations today urged people to stop and more carefully treat the natural wealth that can still be saved.

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