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Stainless steel production: China, Kazakhstan, Japan

11 February 2014
Stainless steel production: China, Kazakhstan, Japan

In November last year, Japan has slowed down, reducing the production of stainless steel by 3.6 percent, and thus, in November last year, the production of stainless steel in Japan was 294,898 thousand tons In total, according to statistics and according to the company «Yieh.Corp.», the country produced in the period from January to November 2013 3,31 million tons of stainless steel, and this figure more than the same period last year by 2 percent.

Products made of stainless steel were also exported in smaller quantities, if we compare the data for November with the October figures. In particular, exports of stainless steel decreased by 1.6 percent, while exports from the country during the November period was $ 95,722 thousands of tons and revenue from it 335,813 million USD. The production volume in October dropped compared to September 2013, by 1 percentage point, down to 252,319 thousand tons. However, the annual crude stainless steel increased by 4.1%.

China, meanwhile, in 2013 increased steel production in comparison with last year grew by 7.5%, reaching 779,04 million tons. In the previous year, steel production was estimated at 724,69 million tons. Data for December 2013 show that last month steel production amounted to 62,35 million tons, but this figure is less than the readings of November by 0.9%. The value of exports of finished steel products when compared to December period of 2013 with the same period in 2012 increased by 11.9%, respectively, of metal delivery from China exceeded $ 62.3 million, etc

For the period from January to November last year, the number of goods manufactured in comparison with the same period in 2012 increased by 7.8 percent, reaching 712,86 million tons. In the November period last year, the steel production in the factories of China were 60,88 million tons, which is more testimony to the same period in 2012 was 4.2 percent.

Kazakhstan has also reduced the production of steel compared to the 2012 volumes in 2013 decreased by 7.9%, to 3,477 million tons. Figures in December 2013 for the production of metals in Kazakhstan amounted 312,7 thousand tons, and this figure more than the same period of the previous year by 44.6%, but in comparison with the November data 2013 smelting of metal fell by 6.3%, what statistical data is telling.

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