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Organic materials in Association with Nickel and titanium has made possible the production of new nano engine

17 February 2014
Organic materials in Association with Nickel and titanium has made possible the production of new nano engine

The newest invention of a group of scientists from America can be very useful medicine. These unique nano propulsion device of organic origin can significantly ease almost any surgical intervention, and therapeutic manipulation. With the help of this engine, designed for quick transportation of pharmaceuticals, almost anywhere in the human body, in a matter of moments to remove the pain or suppress the local infectious focus.

This engine will be limited to very small spaces (commensurate with intercellular gaps), so the design must have a microscopic size. Based on such inventions were adopted a model of the natural changes of the structure of living organisms in the course of evolution. The basis of this apparatus was the development of a copy of the unique microorganism that can provide the movement of the whole structure on the spaces of the intercellular spaces. Similar microorganism is of vegetable origin and a helical structure. By the way manufacture of this device does not require large financial costs, which promises to attract many investors.

When you copy the principle movement of organic material, scientists have tried to reproduce the whole principle of its action. To this end, the inventors have isolated from stems of plants of the individual hairs, of which one sample may contain several million. Then each individual spiral coated composition of titanium and Nickel, and Nickel has been pre-magnetized. Such coverage strengthens the organic substance and allows you to control using a magnetic field, the movement of the engine on the human body. It is interesting that a natural origin of the material itself makes the whole construction is absolutely safe for the health of the patient and prevents the rejection of a foreign substance. During the experiments it was observed that Nickel magnetic coating, under the action of the magnetic field stimulates movement of small efficient engines on a blood mass. Such an unusual use of Nickel and titanium significantly expands the sphere of use of important industrial raw materials and puts a unique materials adopted in the medical industry.

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