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Boiler for fusion fuel

10 December 2013
Boiler for fusion fuel

A real sensation in the field of nuclear physics has been the use of thermal reaction of the atomic fission in the living compartment to the national economy. The basis of this reaction allowed the interaction of Nickel with hydrogen. The principles of such interaction since the nineties have been extensively studied by scientists and recognized throughout the world as a physicist Sergio Focardi. Known in the scientific community, the representative of the scientific world were trying to start a cold fusion reaction type. At that time, the invention of the master has not received significant recognition and has attracted little attention in the context of the global community. However, the situation changed dramatically after the unusual work caught the eye of businessman Andrea Rossi. An advanced businessman saw at once in opening as alternative fuel for boiler structures and proposed to use Nickel-hydrogen reaction for heating of residential houses and buildings of the production compartment.

Soon after comprehensive testing it is planned to sell the first such installation. The basis of such structures 106 are separate modules that are connected by three units and is packaged in a common twenty-foot container. Such fusion reaction is considered in classical physics is not very profitable. However, the group of independent experts who reviewed the performance of the device noted the release of enormous thermal capacity. Experiments was to study the ratio of consumption of energy resource in this unit and subsequent isolation of the free heat. Given the small amount of information on the subject to make a final decision early enough. Because reactions of this type are characterized by a powerful ionizing radiation nature. Although the manufacturer and assured in the absence of such a danger in his invention, but before the completion of the research the question remains open.

Now a patent for such energy resource has passed the preliminary examination, and not so much on the efficiency of the system, but to the novelty of the idea. Therefore, until a full set of independent tests is difficult to make any conclusion and to assess fully the whole situation. One, of course, today the principle of such reactions and the possibility of its use for domestic purposes is radically new in the field of nuclear physics. So the idea has all chances to become the ancestor of the whole direction in the field of scientific research.

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