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Progress Kirov plant GCMS

18 September 2013
Progress Kirov plant GCMS

As it became known from the reporting of the Kirov factory on processing of nonferrous metals during the first half of this year, the company significantly increased the production of rolled ferrous metals in comparison with indicators of last year. Just recorded a production increase of three percent.

Of the total volume of production on the brass car had fifty-one per cent, of copper rolled — forty-four and a half percent, for bronze and copper-Nickel products, respectively, almost one percent and three percent of the total number of manufactured products.

Hire of plant specializiruetsya mainly brass and copper radiator strips, which are available in the amount of twenty six point and six tenths of a percent of the total volume of products for electrical purposes, such as wire, strips and profiles electrical, tires and so on, in the amount of fifteen percent of the rods are brand drugs, which also go for export, in the amount of twelve and two tenths per cent, as well as sheets of copper, which accounts for as much as ten and six tenths of a percent.

According to the chief engineer of the Kirov plant processing non-ferrous metals, such positive dynamics in the growth over the period studied was achieved directly in the production of various rental intended for construction industry. Indicators show that the production of these products was increased more than two times. At the same time significantly increased the level of production of strips of copper-Nickel alloys, namely, thirty-two percent, and profiles for electrical purposes, namely, forty-three percent.

I am particularly pleased that even in today’s time, when the international market is quite heavy conditions, the company successfully maintains a rather positive dynamics of all volume of its production.

According to the authorized representatives of the plant, the plant processing non-ferrous metals Kirov today is one of the largest segments of the Russian market in the specialization of metal, namely thirty percent. And it all happens thanks to the offer of products with high consumer properties, as well as the presentation is quite a wide range, in combination with the flexible marketing policy and a very good tactical maneuverability gives an excellent opportunity for a very successful competition.

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