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Tajikistan reduces the volume of aluminium production

2 August 2013
Tajikistan reduces the volume of aluminium production

As can be seen from the statistical data, resulting in permanent

reducing the cost of aluminium in the world markets of Tajik manufacturers

to reduce production and cut exports of the metal. According to the statement

representatives of the Ministry of economic development and trade of the country, production

primary aluminum domestic manufacturers in the first half of this

year (in comparison with the similar period of 2012) decreased by 18.73% to

slightly more than 117 thousand tons.

The experts of the Ministry of energy and industry

Tajikistan’s emphasis on the fact that the decrease in production volumes

primary aluminum in the country and its sale to foreign counterparties provided

the effect, first of all, price fluctuations on the London metal exchange and

the increase in tariffs for transit by rail through

neighboring Uzbekistan.

The above mentioned dynamics of volumes of production of aluminium

in the country is significantly worse than last year. So last year, in comparison with

2011, the company TALCO (the only aluminum producer in the country) have reduced

the volume of production of aluminium by 2%, reducing them to 272,5 thousand tons in

absolute values. However, the local market operators are looking at the prospect with

positive: according to analysts, in 2013 in the Republic should be

produced 287,6 thousand tons of metal cruise.

Recall that primary aluminium is produced by the only

aluminum plant in Central Asia — the state unitary enterprise «Tajik

aluminum company» (TALCO) is, to date, the main source

foreign exchange earnings in Tajikistan. Therefore, the drop in the price of resource — tangible

the blow to the economy of the Republic. «The average cost of one ton of aluminum

the first half of 2013 equal to 1,914 thousand dollars, which is $ 166 lower

compared to the same period in 2012» — specify the scale of the loss experts local

market non-ferrous metals.

As can be seen from the statistical data of the Ministry of

economic development and trade of Tajikistan, the volume of exports of

the «winged» metal in the first half of this year, in comparison with the first half

2012, decreased by 22.5%, to 109 thousand tonnes in absolute terms. «General

the amount received from export sales of aluminium in the first half

2013 amounts to 209 million dollars, which is almost a third less revenue from

such transactions in the same period in 2012» — commented on the number of analysts.

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