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In the near future the price of copper will rise to 7.6 thousand USD

20 May 2013
In the near future the price of copper will rise to 7.6 thousand USD

«Before the end of the current month copper prices will crawl

up to the level of 7.6 thousand USD

per ton» — experts of the international financial conglomerate Barclays.

In their view, the current situation in the market of nonferrous metals indicates a decline in

resource stocks in the warehouses of trading platforms on the stock exchanges there has been some

voltage. However, from the point of view of analysts of Bank, in June, the demand for

copper will slow down, causing traders again moved to its

the usual lower levels.

Also, experts Barclays announced its expectations

in relation to the price of copper and longer term. In particular, in the third quarter, according to experts

Bank, the average copper price on the global trading floors will be 7422

US dollar per ton. IN IV


quarter average price of metal will rise to the level 7653 USD per 1000 kg and the total annual rate

only slightly will be different from this figure, staying at $7673

per ton.

We recall that in an earlier their predictions on

copper price, the analysts of «Barclays» was a bit bolder, suggesting that

the results of the entire 2013 the average price per ton of resource will be 7925 us

dollars. However, this assumption was not the most optimistic on the market

non-ferrous metals: for instance, the latest published Outlook of the Bank’s professionals

«Credit Suisse» is the figure to 8113 USD per tonne of copper, the Bank «Morgan Stanley» expect level

$8755, and according to the experts of the Agency financial information «Reuters»

the average cost of a ton of the red metal will be this year 8818 $

USA. Closer to the latest forecast Barclays are the expectations of financiers

from banks «BNP Paribas» and «J. P. Morgan» who claim about the level of average prices

cuprum by the end of this year, 7825 USD per ton.

However, the most pessimistic Outlook of distinguished experts of the Swiss company UBS,

who believe that the above mentioned measure is unlikely to reach

7496 dollars.

8 May 2013
21 May 2013