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Titanium monopoly changed the host

2 May 2013
Titanium monopoly changed the host

Russian technologies reported the closing of the sale

sell 45,42% of the shares of Titan monopoly — the Corporation «VSMPO-AVISMA». Now organizations

ZAO «Business Alliance company» (which represents the interests of the new owners of the asset

in the face of top-managers of the enterprise and «Gazprombank») owned 50%+1акция

portfolio «AVISMA» (4,6% of the securities of the Corporation, the new owners bought before).

Still the same owner — the state Corporation «Rostehnologii» (as it was announced

earlier) left a blocking stake (25% of the portfolio is + 1 security).

Recall that the intention to reduce its stake in

titanium Russian technologies state Corporation first began in mid-2011.

However, if the sale of shares of state-owned enterprises did not take place (as, indeed, and after

all subsequent similar announcements recently in the media from January to April

last year). But in the late fall of 2012 managing the state

Corporation «Rostekhnologii» voiced its firm decision to sell part of its

shares of titanium Corporation to private investors. This time the work has progressed

much further than before. Was named the buyers of the package («Gazprombank»

share 25% minus 1 share and the managers of VSMPO-AVISMA M. Voevodin, Mikhail Shelkov, A. Mindlin,

A. Kislichenko, D. Sannikov), and has also been submitted to the relevant court documents

necessary for the mandatory approval of these transactions with state agencies.

Despite the determination of «Russian technologies» to sell

Titan shares, the deal is long-delayed (originally obtaining permission from

agencies are expected in December last year, then making a decision on the issue

it was moved to February 2013, but then a change of owners titanium

the monopoly has not received official endorsement).

It is noteworthy that the first interests of the new owners in

the transaction of purchase / sale of shares of VSMPO presented specially created for

this Cypriot company «Nordcom» (which, in fact, was decorated

request to the agencies concerned). However, the intensity of the March economic problems

in Cyprus (according to some — led to the loss of future owners

«AVISMA» large sums of money) forced the parties to the transaction to transfer the epicenter

events offshore expanses in the territory of the Russian Federation.

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