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Representatives of the Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China visited the Russian titanium company

23 May 2013
Representatives of the Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China visited the Russian titanium company

The delegation from China, representing the company «Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China Ltd.» (COMAC), visited the Russian

titanium manufacturer — the company «VSMPO-AVISMA». «With this organization, our

the Corporation cooperates 5 years. Our collaboration began with the implementation of the project

„Advanced Regional Jet“ (of the liner „ARJ21“), continues in the framework of work

project „COMAC C919“ and, if we manage to negotiate with the leadership of „AVISMA“,

will continue when promoting the new developments of aircraft with a wide fuselage»

— highlighted the purpose of the visit the head of the delegation from China, Mr. Shen.







— Chinese state Corporation, specializing in aerospace

development. The company started its activities in spring 2008. Earlier

it was reported that currently the company is working to create several models

aircraft. These above mentioned narrow-body aircraft «ARJ21» and «C919»,

designed for short and medium haul flights with a Seating capacity of up to 105

and 190 persons respectively. In the future, the company plans to implement

more «heavy» projects to establish production of twin-engine aircraft with

the wide fuselage «COMAC C929» (with capacity for 290 people) and «COMAC C939»,

to ensure a comfortable flight at the same time 390 passengers.

JSC «VSMPO-AVISMA» — the world’s largest manufacturer

titanium and products on its basis, which includes about 40

divisions in Russia and abroad (including on

Ukraine, USA, England, China, Germany and Switzerland). About 2/3 of all products

the enterprise exported, for the needs of the aerospace, chemical, energy

and other high-tech industries in Europe, America,

Asia. Among the clients of titanium Corporation the company with a world name

the number of aircraft «Airbus» and «Boeing», specializing in the production of aircraft engines and rocket engines «Snecma» and «Pratt&Whitney», diversified General Electric and Rolls Royce as well as many other worldwide known organizations.

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