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Chile and China have reduced trading operations of copper with foreign partners

11 March 2013
Chile and China have reduced trading operations of copper with foreign partners

Chile and China last month reduced the amount of foreign

trade operations on the copper market. In particular, according to reports in

core media, China significantly reduced imports of «red metal», reducing

them to the level of 298 thousand tonnes. This is 15% less data for the 1st month of the year and almost

40% below the level of overseas purchases of copper companies of the country in February

last year. Thus, the negative dynamics of China’s imports in sector

only continued, but exacerbated trends Jan: 2 months from the beginning of 2013

year, the country imported 650 thousand tonnes of copper and products based on it. It

28% less than imports in the sector during the same period in 2012.

In parallel with this message in a specialized

press reported about the fall in shipments of «red metal» foreign

buyers from Chilean producers. Here, however, the changes were

much less radical: according to the data structures that track the fluctuations

export performance in the country, the amount of copper sold to local producers

foreign contractors in February, fell by around 7% (with a volume of 3.45 billion.

USD to the level of 3.2 billion when comparing data year-on-year). The scale

the same two-month period (the comparison period in January-February of the current and

last years) data for Chilean copper exports has not changed,

left the second consecutive year in the range of 6.65 billion USD.

9 March 2013
13 March 2013