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VSMPO-AVISMA will build the plot of skull melting of titanium in 2013, the year

6 February 2013
VSMPO-AVISMA will build the plot of skull melting of titanium in 2013, the year

Titanium Corporation VSMPO-AVISMA (Russia, the city

Verkhnaya Salda, Sverdlovsk region) has completed preparations for the construction of

plot scull melting furnaces metal. «The project in full

right, a team of builders and installers selected, contract signed with them» —

commented on the current situation at the facility General Manager

construction lines — Dmitry Akhundov. «The beginning of works on the construction of the line is scheduled

in may 2013, and by the autumn we hope not only to complete the construction

objects of the site, but to begin commissioning of equipment for

skull ingot production. The first melting of titanium on the new units

I hope to give in 2014» — summed up the report on the status of the construction supervisor


Skull melting furnace — modern EAF

the equipment for smelting high-quality (no

impurities with precision and maintaining the composition of the alloy) ingots and castings. The principle

units operating on this technology, is based on the use

as of the crucible (mold for pouring molten mass) «crust» of the refiner

composition — the so-called skull (from the French word «garnissage»,

translated as the phrase «protective layer» or «veneer»). This method of processing

allows you to receive large amounts simultaneously heated to the required

the consistency of metal which, in addition to the above advantages, allows the workpiece

excellent performance on smooth, even when casting very large parts.

Specelectromechanika (namely in this branch of metallurgy

traditionally include skull technology) is widely used not only in

the production of titanium and alloys on its basis. Equipment operating on this

the principle has proved to be excellent on the lines of the production of blanks from other

highly reactive metals (zirconium and vanadium), as well as the manufacturing

castings of compositions of refractory elements (including molybdenum, niobium,

of tungsten). «VSMPO-AVISMA», which produces a wide range of heat-resistant and alloyed

alloys, I believe: land skull furnaces will help the Corporation to expand into new

level of quality products to achieve higher volumes

production and significantly expand the range of products offered to clients.

6 February 2013
9 February 2013