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In the Voronezh Nickel deposits, exploration has not begun

25 January 2013
In the Voronezh Nickel deposits, exploration has not begun

Despite the fact that under the terms

the license agreement at the Voronezh Nickel deposits January 25

had to start the next stage of exploration, prospecting and evaluation

drilling on Two notorious and Elancecom plots has not been started. About

it journalists were reported by the representatives of the movement «In defense of Khoper»,

carried out continuous monitoring of objects. «Working equipment is not

representatives UGMK on any of the taps did not appear," reported

the state of Affairs in the Region environmental advocates.

Recall: in early spring of last year, the Office

state property in the sphere of subsoil use of Russia implemented a law on

the development of copper-Nickel ore occurrences in Novokhopersk area. Office

a competition was held, won by OOO «mednogorsky copper-sulfuric

plant» (one of the divisions of the «UMMC»). Officially permits

was issued to the licensee at the end of July 2012, however, the discontent of inhabitants

Voronezh region prevented the owner of the rights to resource extraction in a timely manner

to begin your exploration.

Earlier it was reported that the management at UMMC

intended to start the exploration of disputed areas, despite the dissatisfaction

residents in the surrounding areas. Environmental activists are — in turn — pledged

to prevent the start of work by any means, until the provision of physical

resistance «scouts». On the day expect to start drilling in areas

the alleged conduct of works duty of Cossack patrols, conducted surveillance

objects patrols from visitors and local defenders of the hopper.

24 January 2013
28 January 2013