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The Japanese steelmakers have increased the volume of purchases of Nickel

28 December 2012
The Japanese steelmakers have increased the volume of purchases of Nickel

The Ministry of Finance of Japan summed up the results of the metallurgical industry

over 11 months that have passed since the beginning of this year. According to the analytical

data released by the Ministry, the volume of foreign procurement

Nickel ore local companies in November, continued to demonstrate

positive dynamics, though with a somewhat slower rate than for

previous months.

In particular, the number imported into the territory of the state of Nickel in ores for

the last month of autumn amounted to 437000 tons, which is half a percent more than October

data and by as much as 30% more than last year over the same period.

The same figure (almost 1/3) increased imports of this metal when comparing the outcomes

trading operations for all 11 months (from January to end of November) of the current and the past

years: 4.25 million tons in 2012 against 3.27 million tonnes a year earlier.

Japan (along with the States of Western Europe and the USA) is one of the world

leaders in the use of Nickel. However, the own reserves of ores of this metal in the country

no. For this reason, a steady positive trend on the volume

purchasing raw materials from foreign suppliers may be so straightforward

improving the economic situation in the steel sector of the state. As

a factor of influence on the statistics on imports and competition between domestic and

external suppliers of goods in this case are completely excluded.

27 December 2012
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