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Disputes about the Nickel in the Voronezh region transferred into the civilized plane

16 November 2012
Disputes about the Nickel in the Voronezh region transferred into the civilized plane

After months of battles (not without costing noisy

rallies, demonstrations, emotional discussions and unnecessary court

proceedings) disputes on the development of Nickel mines in the Voronezh region,

like, move to a civilized plane. The hope is the sides

the conflict gave the «round table», whose members (defenders of the ecology of the region and those

who is lobbying for the necessity of resource extraction on the disputed land) for the first time

discussed the issue in a «peaceful atmosphere».

By opponents of the development of Nickel

fields in a ninety-minute business conversation, held this week in

In Voronezh, was attended by one of the leaders of the movement «In defense of Khoper» Konstantin Rubakhin. His main opponent was made by the teacher

of the Department of Mineralogy, Geological faculty, Voronezh state

University Paul Boyko.

During the constructive talks, the participants again

outlined their position: supporters of the Nickel mine focused on

benefits that will receive the region, and opponents of development, the damage that

Nickel production can cause the ecology of the region. And, despite the fact that

clearly identifiable common denominator for the first peaceful meeting, the parties have not

came, certain positive trends in the development of relations between them

there has been. Civilized dialogue showed that the aims and intentions of those and other

— prosperity of the Voronezh region

and progress in respect of the standard of living in the region. So, it remains

for small: to determine the way in which these objectives will be achieved

minimal damage to the environment.

15 November 2012
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